About us

Amytis Entertainment is an indie game studio located at Tehran, Iran. Amytis was founded in 2010 and in the same year it started working on a game named “Mellina” which got cancelled a few months later. Right after that, the company started a new project called “Fighting in Aden Gulf” and soon after the release of that game, it broke the record of video game market in Iran. In 2014 Amytis released multiplayer version of Fighting in Aden Gulf to name "Fighting in Aden Gulf: 10 Degrees Turn". Our main aim is developing game and also we are interested in working on Virtual Reality technology so we made our VR Headset to name "Amyset".


2nd Tehran Game Festival

Best Art Direction and Best Sound Mixing (for Fighting in Aden Gulf)

3rd Tehran Game Festival

Best Technical Achievement (for Fighting in Aden Gulf: 10 Degrees Turn)


Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation
Unity 3D


Jul 8
Jul 8

Our new game!

  After 3 years, we are honored to announce our new franchise with the name of “Infinity Soldiers”. This game is developed for PC and VR platforms using Unity engine. The first trailer and more information of the game will be released soon.        

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Dec 9
Dec 9

Start of the Official Website’s New Version

We are glad to announce that the new website of Amytis Studio, has started its work again with fundamental changes in both English and Persian. Thanks for all of your support on the way to the production of new unique titles. Manager of Amytis Studio Official Website

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